The value of the security

Giuseppe Avolio Responsabile Sicurezza

Giuseppe Avolio security officer

Your products are safe with us. We greatly invested in structures, human resources and procedures in order to guarantee the highest level of security. Our integrated and global Security system protect you from the risk of theft, tampering and sabotage, as well as industrial espionage.

Our strengths…

  • The internal and external video surveillance works 24 hours a day.
  • We have specific video cameras for loading bays.
  • We have an external perimeter monitoring system.
  • A team of well trained people promptly intervene night and day in case of emergency during the closing time.
  • We have a dedicated connection to a highly qualified surveillance institute (IVRI).
  • Our structures are anti-seismic and anti-flood.
  • Our warehouses have a controlled and constant temperature to preserve the quality of your products.
  • Our facilities are earthquake and flood resistant, and are fitted with a Watermist fire fighting system, also in cold storage.