Technological innovation



We believe that the most advanced logistics should make use of the more innovative technological solutions. Only investing in technology we can manage our clients’ supply chain with the maximum efficiency, helping the growth of the companies which chose our services.

What do you gain?

We not only manage the different procedures, but we also anticipates your needs.
Thanks to an owner network, we guarantee the highest protection of our computer systems.
Better security. All our plants are connected to an outer server farm in order to assure the maximum reliability and continuity in accessing data.
We guarantee the utmost transparency and the respect of KPI required. Our Business Intelligence system is able to monitor all the in-house performances and those of the used carriers.
Using a personal access code, you can trace every shipment and check its status in the ‘Tracking Online’ section of this website
Thanks to processes automating and to logistic platforms management by means of one single software (SGD), we guarantee an efficient and fast distribution service.
All the shipping notes going along with shipments are available also in PDF format, thanks to our Optical Archive system, which allows to optimize the domestic processes and to immediately recover all the information in case of returns or complaints.