Our Customer Service can manage even complex requests, guaranteeing a personalized service that enables you to reduce costs and save time.

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Returns handling
  • Recall handling
  • Narcotics voucher handling
  • Import/export voucher handling (also for lab tests and precursors)
  • Order management, including manual order entry
  • Complaint’s management
  • Handling of delivery notes / invoices / direct debits / COD / receivables
  • Statistics reporting

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Our Contact Center ensures personalized, efficient and flexible service. Our highly qualified operators provide support for the company sales force, guaranteeing high-quality service.
Our database of Italian pharmacies is at your disposal for both immediate contacts and marketing activities.

  • Support for the company’s sales force in relation to special requests such as notices of closures and changes to the order entry system.
  • Marketing activities
  • Support for new product launches
  • Support for promotional sales
  • Management of the customer’s toll-free number
  • Monthly reporting to customer of all calls made/received
  • Monitoring of shipments
  • E-mail service
  • Personalized database of hospitals, pharmacies and wholesalers


Secondary manufacturing site has always represented one of the most important added values for Chiapparoli Logistica.
Since September 2017 there has been also a facility in Anagni.

Secondary manufacturing site service is authorized by both the Italian Medicines Agency AIFA (Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco) and the Italian Health Ministry that perform regular audit.
Chiapparoli Logistica is authorized to provide secondary packaging operations of pharmaceuticals for human and veterinary use, narcotics, nutritional products and pharmaceuticals for clinical trial materials.

Secondary manufacturing site operations

  • Package leaflets replacement
  • Overprinting of variable data
  • Replacement of package
  • Application of optical labels
  • Labelling operations for clinical trials
  • Benefits for customer companies
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced timeframe
  • Reduced transport
  • Greater responsiveness to consumer needs

Chiapparoli Logistica is the ideal partner for pharmaceutical companies because:

  • We understand the pharmaceutical market and the needs of different retail points
  • We know the legal framework and ensure that shipments comply with current regulations
  • We offer personalized, flexible service
  • We fully operate in compliance with cGMP and cGDP regulations
  • We introduce new control procedures into our quality management system in response to customers’ requirements
  • We have obtained the main quality certifications, such as ISO 9001:2008.
  • We ensure excellent process management.
  • We minimize supply chain risk thanks to our efficient security systems.
  • We have a tracking system to monitor products at all stages in the supply chain.

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Servizi Doganali Chiapparoli Logistica


We guarantee the support of an in-house customs expert who co-ordinates a team of specialists. We can assist companies with customs operations and bonded/VAT warehousing.

Custom clearance procedure Customs clearance can be provided c/o our warehouses for:

  • transit procedures (T1 and T2)
  • import declarations (IM4)
  • export (EX)
  • warehousing (IM7)
Customs warehousing Enables suspension of the payment of customs duties on goods incoming from non-EU countries for an indefinite period.
VAT warehousing Enables suspension of VAT payments
Tax/ duties warehousing Enables efficient management of taxes and excise duties
AEO authorization – Customs & SecurityAEO
  • facilitated access to simplified customs procedures
  • facilitated pre-departure declarations
  • reduced physical and document controls
  • priority notification of selection for control
  • priority treatment if selected for control
  • application for customs control in a specific place
  • reciprocal recognition with third party countries


We simplify companies’ work by guaranteeing distribution with reduced costs and optimized delivery times.

  • Optical label – optical label traceability
  • Quarantine – quality restricted management status
  • Reprocessing – on-demand processing management
  • Display unit production
  • Serial number reading for overseas markets
  • Heat shrinking – protective packaging for parcels and individual pieces
  • Personalized packaging – personalized logos and repackaging services
  • Serialization – technology capable of reading
  • Datamatrix and UDI serial numbers Special projects – kits, samples and display units
  • Export repackaging services
  • Management of materials distribution to pharmaceutical sales representatives
  • E-commerce – order shipment management
  • Cold chain management – storage and preparation in cold rooms
  • Cryogenics – storage and preparation of products at -80° and -196° C
  • Restricted access areas – storage of high value and special products
  • API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) – authorized storage of active ingredients
  • Retain samples – sample storage for raw materials, finished products and packaging for quality control
  • Transport – organization of temperature-controlled transport and collection worldwide
  • Customs procedures
  • Direct to Patient delivery
  • Warehousing for hospitals with daily delivery shuttle

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