Its people, their roles

le persone i ruoli

In 1979 Silvano Grandi enters the first logistics company founded by Cavalier Chiapparoli. He starts as person in charge of the warehouse, then, as soon as the six new offices are opened, he follows the expansion of the groups as Operating Officer. From 1995 to 2000 holds the role of Technical Development Manager, helping the incorporation of new technologies and automation. For a short period of time he works as Quality Manager, leading the company to obtain the ISO 9000 certification. Since 2000 he is Commercial Director of the whole Chiapparoli Group.
For Silvano Grandi excellence means: “a constant and unavoidable research.”

For Elena Chiapparoli logistics is a family passion. Soon after her Degree in Law, she joins the legal office of the company. Most of all, employees’ health and safety lie at her heart and she works to strictly apply all the rules protecting the working field. After few year, she takes up the direction of the Purchase Department in order to optimize and to strengthen the selection process of suppliers. This represents an important target aimed at further improving the service offered to the clients. Today, as a Managing Director, she is in charge of the company development strategies and innovation paths, together with the enterprise enhancement.
For Elena Chiapparoli excellence means: “Building a future worthy of the name.”

His passion for Silvano Chiapparoli Logistica begins in 1988, when Gianni Damonti enters the company to look after the financial accounting of the first logistics company founded by Cavalier Chiapparoli. Now he is the Chief Financial Officer of the Group and, among other things, he also takes care of the personnel’s administrative management. Since 2006 he has been member of the board of directors and assists Silvano and Elena Chiapparoli in the investment management and in the financial development plan.
For Gianni Damonti excellence means: “A matter of numbers, on balance.”

Gianluigi Sangermani is still young when his love for the software switch on a LED in his mind: computer science is going to be its job. It is so that he starts as supervisor in charge of the entire Midrange area of an important Italian publishing company, managing both the systems and the application software development. Shortly after he becomes Account Manager of an important international Software House and in 1997 he joins as IT Manager a Japanese multinational company, which is leader in musical instruments production and sale. Since 2003 he has been working in Silvano Chiapparoli Logistica. Together with his team, he is committed to guarantee the development and the efficiency of all the IT services, aiming at a better-organized warehouses management, at a faster and safer documents recording and at a more straightforward communication with clients.
For Gianluigi Sangermani excellence means: “Having a huge memory.”

Gloria Cossu is still very young when she develops a keen interest in logistics, joining Silvano Chiapparoli Logistica. Few years later, she takes her degree in Economics at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan. The challenging working environment of the company rewards her energy and wish for doing: Gloria Cossu gets experience in several different fields, gaining more and more responsibility. At the beginning she is in charge of the general accounting, then she devotes herself to the creation of a home management system and finally becomes Financial Manager. Today she is Administrative Director and works together with Elena Chiapparoli in the direction
For Gloria Cossu excellence means: “… a goal to invest in day by day”.