Code of Ethics

Elena Chiapparoli e Silvano Chiapparoli

Elena Chiapparoli e Silvano Chiapparoli

A company is like a person. What sets it apart is its behaviour, the quality of its decisions, its underlying moral principles. It is on the basis of these values that a company builds its reputation, day after day.

La Silvano Chiapparoli Logistica
has always striven to ensure that its corporate decisions comply with shared ethical values. For this reason, we have drawn up a Code of Conduct that inspires the work of all our employees. The Code contains a set of ethical rules and principles that guide our choices, behaviours and business activities: to operate fairly, avoid conflicts of interest, ensure complete and accurate communications, and protect property and confidential information. Furthermore, the Code requires all workers to protect data and to observe laws, standards, policies and internal procedures.

Because a good reputation is what makes a person – and a company – great.

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