The Call Center

Margherita, call centre operator

Margherita, call centre operator

Silvano Chiapparoli Logistica guarantees a tailor made, efficient and flexible service. Thanks to the Call Centre, that can rely on highly qualified operators, we give support to the company sales force and assure a better-quality service to the end-customer.
Thanks to our great experience, we collected the database of all Italian Pharmacies. It’s at your disposal for both immediate contacts and long-term marketing activities.

You can rely on us for

  • Support to company sales force
  • Market research
  • Ease of contact for hard-to-access areas
  • Support for new product launches
  • Promotion of products nearing expiry
  • Handling of customer’s freephone number
  • Issue of sampling to pharmacies
  • Monthly report to dispatching customer of every call made and received.
  • Monitoring of shipments
  • Personalized database of hospitals
  • E-mail service

The guarantee of great results

  • Calls made in one year for marketing operations: 20,000
  • Calls received in one year: 35,000
  • Operators specialized in telephone contacts
  • Training of operators by customers