Transport of pharmaceuticals

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Vinicio, in charge of 2-8 °C line


Special packaging set 2-8 ° C


Special stiff packaging 2-8 °C

The transport of pharmaceuticals is regulated by several rules and requirements that are vital for the consumers’ safety. Silvano Chiapparoli Logistica invests in cutting-edge technology
to assure a transport in compliance with the highest quality standards.
For 2-8 °C pharmaceuticals we use special stiff packaging that replace the usual polystyrene packaging.
Our containers, recyclable up to 100 times, have a special lining containing a coolant which keeps the right temperature for the pharmaceuticals preservation for 96 hours.

The packaging procedure is decided together with the client, in compliance with Quality System strict parameters. All the operators have been carefully selected and guarantee a high level of specialization, also thanks to the training sessions fixed with the pharmaceutical company and with the packaging producer company.

For this reason we choose a special packaging studied to be sockproof during the handling and the transport. The solvents are carefully selected to be sure not to damage containers materials. We are equipped with storage areas and spaces dedicated to the cooling plates freezing process.

We also ensure a nonstop monitoring of the right level of packs supply.

Advantages for the pharmaceutical company

  • We guarantee the highest level of protection for your products according to Compliance/QA.
  • We assure the maintenance of the correct temperature all along the entire distribution chain.
  • Less use of disposable packaging with a significant financial saving, in addition to a higher environmental sustainability
  • We check delivery times and guarantee the delivery within 24/48 hours
  • We use a courier leader in express deliveries and it is always possible to check the shipment status, the dedicated area of the website. To access this private area customers require a personal access code, which is given at the time of registration.